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verb (averred , averring )
1 to state firmly and positively.
2 law to make a formal allegation in court.
[14c: from French averer , from Latin verus true]

También tienes: haver
average pronunciación
1 the usual or typical amount, extent, quality, number, etc.
2 stats any number that is representative of a group of numbers or other data, especially the arithmetic mean, which is equal to the sum of a set of n numbers, divided by n . Same as mean3 (sense 2a). Compare median (sense 3), mode (sense 5).
3 cricket
a the mean number of runs that a batsman scores in a single innings. Also called batting average;
b the mean number of runs per wicket conceded by a bowler in a tour, season, etc. Also called bowling average.
1 usual or ordinary an average sort of a day .
2 estimated by taking an average of average height .
3 mediocre gave a pretty average performance .
verb (averaged , averaging )
1 to obtain the numerical average of (several numbers).
2 to amount to on average Her speed averaged 90mph on the motorway .
[15c: from Arabic awariya damaged goods]
on average usually; normally; typically.
average out to result in an average or balance It averaged out at 3 each .

adjective (always averse to something) reluctant about or opposed to it.
[16c: from Latin aversus , from ab away from + vertere to turn]
aversely adverb .
averseness noun .

averse A word sometimes confused with this one is adverse.

aversion pronunciación
1 a strong dislike.
2 something or someone that is the object of strong dislike.

aversion therapy
noun , psychiatry a form of behaviour therapy that aims to eliminate an undesirable habit or a compulsive form of behaviour by repeatedly linking it with an unpleasant stimulus, eg by linking the taste of alcohol with feelings of nausea.

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