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verb (attaches , attached , attaching )
1 to fasten or join.
2 to associate (oneself) with or join attached herself to the local Greenpeace .
3 to attribute or assign attach great importance to detail .
4 intr (attach to something) to be connected with or form part of it Responsibility attaches to this position .
5 law to arrest someone or seize (property) with legal authority.
[14c: from French atachier to fasten]
be attached to someone or something to be fond of them or it Nelly is very attached to her cat .

noun (attachés )
1 a junior official in an embassy.
2 someone who is connected to a diplomatic department, etc because they have some specialized knowledge.
[19c: French, meaning -attached-]

noun a small rigid leather case for holding documents, etc.

attached pronunciación
1 joined; connected.
2 said of someone: in a relationship, especially a sexual one.

a an act or means of fastening;
b the state of being fastened.
2 liking or affection His attachment for the car was obsessive .
3 an extra part that can be fitted to a machine, often used for changing its function slightly a diffuser attachment for the hairdryer .
4 a computer file or document attached to, and sent along with, an e-mail message.
5 a legal seizure of a person or property.
6 a temporary period of working with a different group.

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