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around pronunciación
1 on every side; in every direction tended to throw his money around .
2 here and there; in different directions; in or to different places; with or to different people, etc could see for miles around It's best to shop around .
3 approximately This cinema seats around 100 .
4 somewhere in the vicinity waited around .
1 on all sides of something.
2 in all directions from (a specified point) The land around here is very fertile .
3 over; in all directions Toys were scattered around the floor .
4 so as to surround or encircle; so as to make a circuit of something.
5 reached by making a turn or partial turn about The shop is around the corner .
6 somewhere in or near The village must be around here .
7 approximately in or at; about.
all around everywhere to be seen The signs of spring are all around .
be around
1 to be in existence.
2 to be prominent in a particular field Few of these players will be around for the next World Cup .
be up and around to be fit enough to get up out of bed, especially after an illness, etc.
fool around see under fool1.
get around colloq
1 said of a rumour, gossip, etc: to become known.
2 to become experienced by doing a variety of different things or going to a variety of different places.
3 to move or travel gets around by bus .
4 to overcome Having more staff would get around the problem .
get around to something or to doing something to tackle it or do it, especially eventually or reluctantly.
have been around
1 colloq to have had a great deal of experience of life.
2 euphem to have had numerous sexual liaisons.

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