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arm pronunciación 1
a in humans: either of the two upper limbs of the body, from the shoulders to the hands;
b a limb of an octopus, squid, starfish, etc.
2 anything shaped like or similar to this the arm of the record player .
3 the sleeve of a garment.
4 the part of a chair, etc that supports a person's arm.
5 a section or division of a larger group, eg of the army, etc.
6 power and influence the long arm of the law .
7 sport ability to throw a fielder with a good arm .
[Anglo-Saxon earm ]
armless adjective .
armlike adjective .
arm in arm with arms linked together.
at arm's length at a distance, especially to avoid becoming too friendly.
give one's right arm colloq to give or do anything in one's power I'd give my right arm to go to one of her concerts .
with open arms wholeheartedly; in a very friendly way.

También tienes: harm
arm pronunciación 2
noun (usu arms)
1 a weapon nuclear arms firearm .
2 fighting; soldiering.
3 a heraldic design that, along with others, makes up the symbol of a family, school, country, etc.
verb (armed , arming )
1 to equip (with weapons).
2 to provide with equipment, means of protection, etc He armed her with some inside knowledge . She armed herself against the cold .
3 to prepare (a bomb) for use.
[14c: from Latin arma ]
bear arms to serve as a soldier.
lay down one's arms to stop fighting.
take up arms to begin fighting.
under arms armed and ready to fight.
up in arms openly angry and protesting.

También tienes: harm
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