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AIDS-related complex.

1 a continuous section of a circle or other curve.
2 the graduated scale of an instrument or device that is used to measure angles.
3 a continuous electric discharge, giving out heat and light, that is maintained across the space between two electrodes, used in welding, etc. Also called electric arc.
4 something that is curved or that appears curved in shape, eg a rainbow.
5 astron a part of the path that a planet, satellite, etc appears to make.
verb (arced , arcing )
intr 1 to form an arc.
2 to move in an apparent arc.
[16c: from Latin arcus bow]

arc light
noun a type of electric lighting source in which the current flows through ionized gas between two electrodes to produce a very bright white illuminated arc.

arc welding
noun , engineering a method of welding metal in which the material at the joint is melted by means of a continuous electric arc.

1 a covered walk or passage, usually lined with shops.
2 a row of arches supporting a roof, wall, etc.
3 an amusement arcade.
[17c: French, from Italian arcata an arch]

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