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arch pronunciación 1
noun (arches )
1 a curved structure forming an opening, and consisting of wedge-shaped stones or other pieces supporting each other by mutual pressure, used to sustain an overlying weight such as a roof or bridge, or for ornament.
2 anything shaped like an arch, especially a monument.
3 the bony structure of the foot between the heel and the toes, normally having an upward curve.
4 one of the four possible configurations of human fingerprints.
verb (arches , arched , arching )
1 intr to form an arch.
2 to span something like an arch.
[14c: from Latin arcus bow]

arch pronunciación 2
1 (usu in compounds ) chief, principal their arch enemy, the Penguin .
2 most experienced that arch crime writer, Jim Thompson .
3 cunning, knowing gave an arch look .
4 self-consciously playful or coy.
[17c: from arch- as in such combinations as -arch-villain-]
archly see separate entry.
archness noun .

arch stone see under voussoir

arch- or archi-
combining form
1 chief; most important; highest-ranking archduke .
2 most esteemed, feared, extreme, etc of its kind arch-conservative arch-criminal .
[Anglo-Saxon arce , from Greek archos chief, from archein to rule]

Archaean or (US) Archean
adjective , geol denoting the earlier of the two geological eons into which the Precambrian period is divided, extending from the time of formation of the Earth to about 2500 million years ago. See table in the Supplement to this book.
[19c: from Greek archaios ancient]

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