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architect pronunciación
1 someone who is professionally qualified to design buildings and other large structures and supervise their construction.
2 someone who is responsible for creating or initiating something the architect of modern Europe .
[16c: from Greek architekton master-builder]

1 belonging, relating or referring to architecture.
2 relating to the science of systematizing knowledge.
[17c: from Greek architektonikos relating to architecture]
architectonics singular noun
1 the science of architecture.
2 the science of systematizing knowledge.

architecture pronunciación
1 the art, science and profession of designing buildings, ships and other large structures and supervising their construction.
a a specified historical, regional, etc style of building design, especially when it is thought of as fine art Victorian architecture ;
b the buildings built in any particular style.
3 the way in which anything is physically constructed or designed.
4 comput the general specification and configuration of the internal design of a computer or local area network.
[16c: from Latin architectura ]
architectural adjective .
architecturally adverb .

architrave pronunciación
1 archit a beam that forms the bottom part of an entablature and which rests across the top of a row of columns.
2 a moulded frame around a door or window.
[16c: French, from Latin trabes beam]

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