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answer pronunciación
1 something said or done in response to a question, request, letter, particular situation, etc His answer to his sacking was to hit the bottle .
2 (the answer)
a the solution Winning the lottery would be the answer to all our problems ;
b the solution to a mathematical problem.
verb (answered , answering )
1 tr & intr to make a spoken or written reply to something or someone answered the letter answered quietly .
2 to react or respond to something (especially a doorbell, the telephone, someone calling one's name, etc).
a to solve (especially a maths problem);
b to write in response to (an exam question);
c to offer a reply as the correct solution to (any question or problem).
4 intr to retaliate The UN answered with their own heavy artillery fire .
5 intr (answer for someone) to speak up on behalf of them.
6 intr (answer for something)
a to be punished for it;
b to be liable for (one's own actions, etc).
7 intr (answer to someone) to have to account to them.
8 to put up a defence to or offer an explanation for something answered the charges of alleged corruption .
a to suit A better hammer would answer her purpose ;
b to fulfil A bigger house would answer the needs of this growing family .
[Anglo-Saxon andswaru ]
answer in the negative or positive to say -No- or -Yes-.
answer the description of something to match or be the same as it.
answer to (the name of) to respond to it; to be called The cat answers to Poppy .
answer back to reply rudely, especially to someone supposedly in authority.

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