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alternative pronunciación
1 said of, strictly speaking, two, but often used of more than two, possibilities: secondary or different, especially in terms of being less favourable as a choice had to make alternative travel plans .
2 said of a lifestyle, culture, etc: outside the conventionally accepted ways of doing something and therefore thought of by adherents as preferable.
1 the possibility of having the option to choose, strictly speaking, between two things but often used of more than two We had no alternative but to take the train .
2 something that represents another possible option Going by train is always an alternative .
[16c: from Latin alternare to alternate]
alternatively adverb .

alternative comedy
noun comedy which relies heavily on black humour, surrealist concepts, etc and which does not resort to traditional joke-telling, such as that based on racial or gender stereotyping.

alternative energy
noun , ecol energy derived from sources other than nuclear power or the burning of fossil fuels, eg windpower, wave power, solar energy.

alternative medicine or complementary medicine
noun the treatment of diseases and disorders using procedures other than those traditionally practised in orthodox medicine, eg acupuncture, chiropractic, homeopathy, osteopathy.

Alternative Vote
noun , politics a system of casting votes that affords voters the opportunity of placing candidates in order of preference. If none of the candidates has the required majority based on the first-choice votes, the candidate with the fewest votes is eliminated and their votes are re-examined so that the candidates who appear as second choices are now taken into account as first choices. Compare proportional representation.

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