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alter pronunciación ,
verb (altered , altering ) tr & intr to change; to become, or make something or someone become, different.
[14c: from French alterer , from Latin alter other]
alterable adjective .

También tienes: halter
alter ego ,
1 someone's second or alternative character Her aggressive alter ego surfaces when she drinks too much .
2 a close and trusted friend.
[16c: Latin, literally -another I-]

alteration pronunciación
1 a change that has been made to something.
2 the act of changing something; the state of being changed.
3 (alterations)
a home improvements;
b changes to clothing, curtains, etc, especially ones that will make them fit better.

verb (altercated , altercating ) intr to argue or dispute, especially angrily, heatedly, etc.
[16c: from Latin altercari , altercatus to dispute with another, from alter other]
altercation noun .

alternate pronunciación as adjective and noun , as verb /
1 said of two feelings, states, conditions, etc: arranged or coming one after the other in turn alternate layers of pasta and sauce .
2 every other; one out of two.
3 bot said of leaves, petals, etc: appearing singly and regularly at either side of a stem.
verb (alternated , alternating )
1 tr & intr said of two things: to succeed or make them succeed each other by turns Helen and Mike alternate their days off . Day alternates with night .
2 intr (often alternate between something and something else) to change from one thing to another by turns He alternates between fits of depression and periods of euphoria .
3 said of an electric current, etc: to reverse direction in a regular pattern. See alternating current.
noun /also (orig US) a substitute, especially a person who covers in someone's absence.
[16c: from Latin alternare , alternatum to do one thing after another]
alternately adverb .

alternate, alternative These words are often confused with each other.

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