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Lengua inglesa
all pronunciación
1 the whole amount, number or extent of something; every.
2 the greatest possible run with all speed .
3 any whatever beyond all doubt .
1 every one of the people or things concerned; the whole of something.
2 one's whole strength, resources, etc give one's all .
1 entirely; quite.
2 colloq very go all shy .
3 used in giving the score in various games: on each side 30 all . See also a-.
[Anglo-Saxon eall ]
all along the whole time.
all and sundry everyone.
all but very nearly He all but drowned .
all for something extremely enthusiastic about it.
all found said of accommodation charges: including all possible extra costs, such as meals, electricity and laundry.
all in
1 colloq exhausted.
2 with all expenses included.
all in all considering everything.
all over finished.
all over someone colloq excessively demonstrative towards them.
all over something everywhere in or on it all over the world .
all over the place colloq in a disorganized muddle.
all right see separate entry.
all systems go! everything is in working order or ready to start.
all that or as as all that with negatives and in questions particularly He's not as bad as all that .
all the best! colloq good luck!
all there usu with negatives , colloq completely sane; mentally alert.
all the same see under same.
all told
1 including everyone or everything.
2 taking everything into account.
all up with someone or something
1 at an end for them or it.
2 beyond all hope for them.
and all that etcetera.
at all with negatives and in questions
1 in the least.
2 in any way.
for all that in spite of it.
in all all together.
that's her, etc all over colloq that's exactly what one would expect from her, etc.
when all is said and done colloq all things considered; after all.

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