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air pronunciación
1 the invisible odourless tasteless mixture of gases that forms the atmosphere surrounding the Earth, essential for the survival of all living organisms that depend on oxygen for respiration.
2 the space above and around the Earth, where birds and aircraft fly.
3 moving air; a light breeze; a draught.
4 an appearance, look or manner with a nonchalant air .
5 (airs) behaviour intended to impress others, to show off, etc put on airs airs and graces .
6 a tune.
adjective , in compounds
a relating to air or the air;
b relating to aircraft.
verb (aired , airing )
1 tr & intr
a to hang (laundry) in a warm dry place to make it completely dry or to remove unpleasant smells;
b said of laundry: to be hung in a warm dry place for this purpose.
2 tr & intr
a to let fresh air into (a room, etc);
b said of a room, etc: to become cooler or fresher in this way.
3 to warm (the sheets and blankets of a bed, especially one that has not been used recently).
4 to make (one's thoughts, opinions, etc) known publicly.
5 old use to make a show of or parade something.
6 tr & intr , N Am, esp US to broadcast something, or be broadcast, on radio or television.
[13c: French, from Greek aer ]
by air in an aircraft.
a change of air a beneficial change from one's usual routine.
clear the air see under clear.
in the air
1 said of proposals, etc: undecided; not definitely going ahead.
2 said of opinions, news, etc: being generally considered, thought or talked about.
into thin air completely; mysteriously and leaving no trace.
off the air no longer or not yet being broadcast on radio or television.
on the air being broadcast on radio or television.
take the air and take to the air see under take.
up in the air
1 said of proposals, etc: undecided; not definitely going ahead.
2 said of a person:
a excited;
b angry.

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