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agree pronunciación
verb (agreed , agreeing ) usu intr
1 (often agree with someone or something or about something) to be of the same opinion as them about it.
2 (usu agree to something) to say yes to (a suggestion, request or instruction).
3 (usu agree on or upon something) to reach a joint decision about it after discussion.
4 to reach agreement about something.
5 (often agree with something) grammar to have the same number, person, gender or case.
6 (always agree with something) to be consistent with it.
7 (always agree with someone) usually said of food: to be suitable or good for them Milk doesn't agree with me .
[14c: from French agreer ]
agree to differ said of two or more people, groups, etc: to accept that each is unable to alter the other's different opinion.
be agreed to have reached the same conclusion.

1 said of things: pleasant.
2 said of people: friendly.
3 (usu agreeable to something) said of people: willing to accept (a suggestion, etc).
agreeability or agreeableness noun .
agreeably adverb .

agreement pronunciación
1 a contract or promise.
2 a joint decision made after discussion.
3 the state of holding the same opinion.
4 grammar the state of having the same number, person, gender or case. Also called concord.

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