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advance pronunciación
verb (advanced , advancing )
1 tr & intr to put, move or go forward, sometimes in a threatening way.
2 intr to make progress.
3 to help the progress of something; to improve or promote.
4 to propose or suggest (an idea, etc).
5 to put something at an earlier time or date than that previously planned.
6 tr & intr said of a value, price or rate: to increase.
1 progress; a move forward.
2 a payment made before it is due.
3 money lent to someone.
4 an increase, especially in price.
5 (esp advances) a friendly or sexual approach to a person.
adjective done, made or given beforehand.
[16c; 13c in the form avaunce : from French avancer , from Latin abante in front]
advance someone something to lend them (a sum of money), especially on security, or pay them (money) before payment is due.
in advance ahead in time, place or development.

advanced pronunciación
1 having progressed or developed well or far.
2 modern; new or revolutionary.

advanced gas-cooled reactor
noun (abbreviation AGR) a type of nuclear reactor that operates at high temperatures, using carbon dioxide gas as a coolant and graphite as a moderator.

Advanced Higher
noun , Scot
1 an examination at a more advanced level than a Higher.
2 a pass in such an examination.

Advanced level see A level

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