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abbreviation Adjutant.

abbreviation Adjutant-General.

verb (adjudged , adjudging ) to declare or judge officially.
[14c: from French ajuger , from Latin adjudicare to adjudicate]

verb (adjudicated , adjudicating )
1 intr to act as judge in a court, competition, etc.
2 to give a decision on (a disagreement between two parties, etc).
[17c: from Latin adjudicare , from judex judge]
adjudication noun .
adjudicator noun .

1 something attached or added to something else but not an essential part of it.
2 a person who is below someone else in rank.
3 grammar a word or clause that adds information about the subject, etc of a sentence.
[16c: from Latin adjungere to join to]

verb (adjured , adjuring ) formal to request, beg or command someone formally or solemnly.
[14c, meaning -to bind someone with an oath-: from Latin adjurare to swear something with an oath]
adjuration noun .

adjust pronunciación
verb (adjusted , adjusting )
1 to change something or oneself, etc slightly so as to be more suitable for a situation, etc.
2 to change or alter something, especially only slightly, to make it more correct or accurate.
3 to calculate or assess (the amount of money payable in an insurance claim, etc).
4 intr (often adjust to something) to change so that one fits in with it or becomes suited to it.
[17c: from French ajuster ]
adjustable adjective .
adjustably adverb .
adjuster noun .
adjustment noun .

noun an army officer who does administrative work.
[17c: from Latin adjutare to assist]
adjutancy noun (adjutancies ).

adjutant bird
noun a large stork or crane of India and SE Asia.
[18c in the form adjutant : so called because of its stiff stalking gait]

noun (adjutants-general ) mil the head of a department of the general staff which deals with administration and personnel.

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