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ADD pronunciación
abbreviation attention deficit disorder.

add pronunciación
verb (added , adding )
1 (also add something together or add something to something else) to put together or combine (two or more things).
2 (also add something up)
a to calculate the sum of two or more numbers or quantities in order to obtain their total value When we added our money, it was more than we thought .
b intr (also add up) to carry out the process of addition.
3 (add something on) to attach it to something else. See also add-on.
4 (add something in) to include it, especially as an extra.
5 to say or write something further They added a remark about the bad weather .
[14c: from Latin addere , from ad to + dare to put]
added adjective additional; extra.
add up colloq to make sense; to be coherent. See also verb 2b above.
add up to something to be the equivalent of it or amount to it It all adds up to a great success .

1 anything added to supplement something else.
2 comput any device that can be added to a basic computer system in order to increase its capabilities, eg extra memory or an extra program.
3 an extra charge added to the basic charge of something.

added value
noun , econ value added.

noun (pl addenda )
1 an addition.
2 (usu addenda) an extra piece of text added to the end of a book.
[18c: Latin, from addere to add]

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