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ACT pronunciación
abbreviation Australian Capital Territory.

act pronunciación
1 a thing done; a deed.
2 the process of doing something caught in the act .
3 behaviour that is intended to make an impression on people and is not a sincere expression of feeling Her shyness is just an act .
a a short piece of entertainment, usually one of a series in a variety show;
b the person or people performing this.
5 a major division of a play, opera, etc. Compare scene1.
6 (often Act) a formal decision reached, or a law passed, by a law-making body.
7 (Acts) formal the written proceedings of a society or committee.
verb (acted , acting )
1 intr to behave or function in a specified way act tough acting strangely .
2 intr to do something; to take action need to act fast .
3 intr to perform in a play or film.
a to perform (a part) in a play or film;
b to perform (a play).
5 tr & intr to behave as if one were someone or something to act the fool He always acts like a gentleman .
6 intr (act as someone or something) to perform the actions or functions of (a specified person or thing) The screen acts as a protective shield .
7 intr (act for someone) to stand in as substitute for them.
8 intr to show feelings one does not really have.
[14c; late 15c as verb : from Latin actum thing done]
actability noun .
actable adjective .
act of God an event beyond human control, especially a natural disaster such as an earthquake.
act one's age to behave appropriately for one's age.
get in on the act colloq to start taking part in some profitable activity, plan, etc.
get one's act together colloq to become organized and ready for action.
act on or upon someone or something to have an effect or influence on them or it.
act on or upon something to follow (advice, etc); to obey (instructions, etc).
act something out
1 to perform it as if it were a play.
2 to express (one's feelings, fears, etc) in one's behaviour, usually unconsciously.
act up colloq
1 said of a machine, etc: to fail or function erratically.
2 to behave badly.

noun the profession or art of performing in a play or film.
adjective temporarily doing someone else's job or duties the acting headmaster .

actinide pronunciación
noun any of a series of radioactive elements, from atomic number 89 upwards.

actinium pronunciación
noun , chem (symbol Ac, atomic number 89) a silvery-white radioactive metal found in uranium ores, used as a source of alpha particles.
[19c: from Greek aktis ray (from its being radioactive)]

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