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action pronunciación
1 the process of doing something put ideas into action .
2 something done.
3 activity, force or energy a woman of action .
4 a movement or gesture.
5 the working part of a machine, instrument, etc; a mechanism.
6 a battle; fighting saw action in Korea .
7 (the action) the events of a play, film, etc.
8 colloq (the action) exciting activity or events going on around one get a piece of the action .
9 a legal case.
[14c: from Latin actio , from agere to do or drive]
out of action not working.

action committee or action group
noun a committee or group who are chosen in order to take active measures to achieve some desired end.

action movie
noun a cinema film with a fast-moving plot and many scenes containing elaborate stunts, special effects, minimal characterization and often, but not necessarily, much violence.

action painting
noun , art an American version of tachism in which paint is dripped, spattered or smeared onto the canvas.

action potential
noun , physiol the change in electrical potential across the membrane of a nerve cell when an impulse is being conducted. Compare resting potential.

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