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action pronunciación
1 the process of doing something put ideas into action .
2 something done.
3 activity, force or energy a woman of action .
4 a movement or gesture.
5 the working part of a machine, instrument, etc; a mechanism.
6 a battle; fighting saw action in Korea .
7 (the action) the events of a play, film, etc.
8 colloq (the action) exciting activity or events going on around one get a piece of the action .
9 a legal case.
[14c: from Latin actio , from agere to do or drive]
out of action not working.

action committee or action group
noun a committee or group who are chosen in order to take active measures to achieve some desired end.

action movie
noun a cinema film with a fast-moving plot and many scenes containing elaborate stunts, special effects, minimal characterization and often, but not necessarily, much violence.

action painting
noun , art an American version of tachism in which paint is dripped, spattered or smeared onto the canvas.

action potential
noun , physiol the change in electrical potential across the membrane of a nerve cell when an impulse is being conducted. Compare resting potential.

action replay
noun on television: the repeating of a piece of recorded action, eg the scoring of a goal in football, usually in slow motion or from another angle. N Am equivalent instant replay.

action stations
plural noun
1 positions taken by soldiers ready for battle.
2 colloq posts assumed or manned in readiness for any special combined task or action.
1 an instruction to take up these positions.
2 a general instruction to prepare for action.

adjective , colloq filled with exciting activity.

adjective giving reasonable grounds for legal action.

activate pronunciación
verb (activated , activating )
1 to make something start working or go into operation.
2 to increase the energy of something.
3 to make (a material) radioactive.
4 to increase the speed of or to cause (a chemical reaction).
5 to increase the capacity of (carbon or charcoal) to absorb impurities, especially gases.
6 to increase the biological activity of (sewage) by treatment with air and bacteria.
[17c: active + -ate1]
activation noun .
activator noun .

active pronunciación
1 said of a person, etc: moving, working and doing things; full of energy.
2 said of a machine, etc: operating; working.
3 having an effect the active ingredients .
4 said of a volcano: liable to erupt; not extinct.
5 physics radioactive.
6 grammar (abbreviation act.)
a denoting or relating to a verbal construction in which the subject performs the action or has the state described by the verb, as in the man fell , smoking kills you and God exists . Compare passive.
b denoting or relating to the verb in such a construction.
noun , grammar
1 (also active voice) the form or forms that an active verb takes.
2 an active verb or construction.
[14c: from Latin activus ]
actively adverb .

active immunity
noun , med immunity produced by stimulating the body to produce its own antibodies.

active list
noun a list of full-pay officers engaged in or available for active service.

active service
noun military service in the battle area.

noun someone who is very active, especially as a member of a political group.
activism noun .

activity pronunciación
noun (activities )
1 the state of being active or busy.
2 (often activities) something that people do, especially for pleasure, interest, exercise, etc.
3 physics the rate at which the atoms of a radioactive substance disintegrate per unit of time.
[16c: from Latin activitas ]

activity holiday
noun a holiday which offers participation and usually training or coaching in a leisure activity, often a sport.

actor pronunciación ; affected
noun a man or woman who performs in plays or films, especially as their profession.
[16c; 14c, meaning -agent-: Latin, meaning -doer-]
actorish or actorly adjective affectedly theatrical.

actress pronunciación
noun (actresses ) a female actor.
actressy adjective said of a woman: affectedly theatrical.

1 existing as fact; real.
2 not imagined, estimated or guessed.
3 current; present.
[14c in the form actuel , meaning -demonstrated by one's actions-: from Latin actualis ]

actual bodily harm
noun (abbreviation ABH) law a criminal offence involving a less serious attack than grievous bodily harm.

noun (actualities )
1 fact; reality.
2 (usu actualities) an existing condition or fact.

1 really; in fact.
2 usually said in surprise or disagreement: as a matter of fact.

noun (actuaries ) someone who calculates insurance risks, and gives advice to insurance companies, etc on what premiums to set.
[19c in this sense; 16c in old sense -clerk-: from Latin actuarius clerk]
actuarial adjective .
actuarially adverb .

verb (actuated , actuating )
1 to make (a mechanism, etc) go into action.
2 to cause someone to act in a particular way actuated by greed .
[17c in this sense: from Latin actuare , from actus act]
actuation noun .


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