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account pronunciación
1 a description or report.
2 an explanation, especially of one's behaviour.
a an arrangement by which a bank or building society allows a person to have banking or credit facilities;
b a deposit of money in a bank or building society.
4 a statement of the money owed to a person or company for goods or services.
5 (usu accounts) a record of money received and spent.
6 an arrangement by which a shop allows a person to buy goods on credit and pay for them later.
7 stock exchange the period of time (usually a fortnight) by the end of which accounts must be settled.
8 a company or a specific area of business within a company which is dealt with by a PR firm or an advertising agency.
9 now esp with negatives importance or value of little or no account .
verb (accounted , accounting ) formal to consider someone or something to be as specified accounted them all fools .
[14c in the form acont in senses 4, 5, 9 and in basic sense -counting or reckoning-: from French aconter to count]
bring someone to account to punish them for something wrong that has been done.
by all accounts according to general opinion.
call someone to account to demand an explanation from them for their action or behaviour.
give a good or poor account of oneself to give a good or bad performance; to make a good or bad impression.
hold someone to account to consider them responsible.
leave something out of account not to consider (a problem, factor, etc) when making a decision, calculation, etc.
on account
1 said of goods: to be paid for at a later date.
2 said of a sum: as partial payment.
on account of something because of it.
on no account not for any reason.
on one's own account
1 on one's own responsibility.
2 for one's own benefit.
on someone's account on their behalf; for their sake.
put something to good account to use a situation, ability, etc to one's advantage.
take something into account or take account of something to make allowances for or consider (a problem, opinion or other factor) when making a decision or assessment.
turn something to good account to use it to one's advantage.
account for something
1 to give a reason or explanation for it.
2 to make or give a reckoning of (money spent, etc).
account for something or someone to succeed in destroying or disposing of it or them.

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