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1 in the company of someone went with her .
2 used after verbs of partnering, co-operating, associating, etc danced with him .
3 used after verbs of mixing mingled with the crowd .
4 by means of; using raised it with a crowbar .
5 used after verbs of covering, filling, etc plastered with mud filled with rubbish .
6 used after verbs of providing equipped with firearms .
7 as a result of something shaking with fear .
8 bearing; announcing rang with bad news .
9 in the same direction as something drift with the current .
10 at the same time or rate as something Discretion comes with age .
11 used after verbs of conflict quarrelled with her brother .
12 used after verbs of agreeing, disagreeing, and comparing compared with last year .
13 used in describing someone or something a man with a limp .
14 used in stating manner won with ease .
15 because of having something With your talents, you'll surely get the job .
16 in spite of having something With all his money he's still unhappy .
17 in or under (the specified circumstances) I can't go abroad with my mother so ill .
18 featuring; starring -Seven- with Brad Pitt .
19 in the care of someone leave the key with the neighbours .
20 used after verbs of parting dispensed with his crutches .
21 regarding What shall we do with this? can't do a thing with my hair .
22 used after adverbs and adverbial phrases in exclamations expressing a wish or order Down with tyranny! Into bed with you!
23 colloq understanding Are you with me?
24 loyal to or supporting someone or something We're with you all the way .
in with someone colloq friendly or associated with them.
with it colloq
1 fashionable; trendy.
2 aware of or comprehending what is going on or being said.
with that at that point?; thereupon? With that, Daniel left the room .

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