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way pronunciación
noun (ways )
a a route, entrance or exit, etc that provides passage or access somewhere;
b the passage or access provided.
2 the route, road or direction taken for a particular journey.
3 (often in compounds ) a track or road.
4 (Way) used in street names.
5 (often in compounds ) a direction of motion a one-way street a two-way radio .
6 an established position the wrong way up the other way round .
7 a distance in space or time a little way ahead .
8 one's district if you're round our way .
9 the route or path ahead; room to move or progress.
10 a means.
11 a distinctive manner or style.
12 a method.
13 (ways) customs or rituals.
14 a characteristic piece of behaviour.
15 a habit or routine.
16 a typical pattern or course It's always the way .
17 a mental approach different ways of looking at it .
18 a respect correct in some ways .
19 an alternative course, possibility or choice, etc.
20 a state or condition.
21 scale in business in a small way .
22 progress; forward motion made their way through the crowds .
23 naut headway; progress or motion through the water made little way that day .
24 (ways) engineering the machined surfaces of the top of a lathe bed on which the carriage slides.
25 engineering the framework of timbers on which a ship slides when being launched.
adverb , colloq far; a long way met way back in the 60s .
[Anglo-Saxon weg ]
across or over the way on or to the other side of something, eg a street I just live across the way .
be on or get on one's way to make a start on a journey.
by the way incidentally; let me mention while I remember.
by way of?as a form or means of? He grinned by way of apology .
by way of somewhere by the route that passes through it.
come someone's way said of an opportunity, etc: to become available to them, especially unexpectedly.
divide something three or four, etc ways to divide it into three or four, etc parts.
get or have one's own way to do, get or have what one wants, often as opposed to what others want.
give way
1 to collapse or subside.
2 to fail or break down under pressure, etc.
3 to yield to persuasion or pressure.
4 to allow another person to have priority.
go all or the whole way (with someone) slang to have sexual intercourse (with them).
go one's own way to do or behave as one likes, especially in a manner different from others.
go out of one's way to make special efforts; to do more than is needed.
go someone's way said eg of circumstances: to favour them.
have a way with someone or something to be good at dealing with them or it.
have a way with one colloq to have an attractive manner.
have it both ways to benefit from two actions, situations or arguments, etc, each of which excludes the possibility or validity, etc of the other.
have it or everything one's way or one's own way to get one's way in something or everything, especially with disregard for the advice or opinions of others.
in a bad way colloq in a poor or serious condition; unhealthy.
in a big way colloq with enthusiasm; on a large or grandiose scale.
in a way from a certain viewpoint; to some extent.
in its, etc own way as far as it, etc goes; within limits.
in no way not at all.
in the way of something in the nature of it not much in the way of cash .
lead or show the way to act as a guide or inspiration to others.
learn one's way around to accustom oneself to one's new environment or duties, etc.
look the other way to ignore or pretend not to notice something.
lose the or one's way to leave one's intended or known route by mistake.
make one's way
1 to go purposefully.
2 to progress or prosper making her way in life .
make way for someone or something
1 to stand aside, or make room, for them or it.
2 to be replaced by them or it.
no two ways about it that's certain; no doubt about it.
no way colloq absolutely not.
on the way out becoming unfashionable.
on the way to? progressing towards? well on the way to becoming a millionaire .
one way and another considering certain aspects or features, etc of something It's been a good year, one way and another .
out of the way
1 situated so as not to hinder or obstruct anyone.
2 remote; in the middle of nowhere.
pay one's way to pay one's own debts and living expenses.
put someone in the way of something to contrive to make it available to them.
put someone out of the way to kill them.
see one's way to or clear to doing something to be able and willing to do it.
that's the way! a formula of encouragement or approval.
the, this or that way the manner or tendency of a person's feelings or wishes, etc Do you really want it this way? I didn't know you felt that way .
under way in motion; progressing.

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