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water pronunciación
1 (formula H2O) a colourless odourless tasteless liquid that freezes to form ice at°C and boils to form steam at 100°C, at normal atmospheric pressure.
2 (also waters) an expanse of this, with varying degrees of impurity; a sea, lake or river, etc.
3 the surface of a body of water.
4 (waters) the sea round a country's coasts, considered part of its territory in British waters .
5 the level or state of the tide high water .
6 in compounds a solution of a specified substance in water rosewater .
7 (the waters) water at a spa, etc, containing minerals and generally considered good for one's health.
8 physiol
a any of several fluids secreted by the body, especially urine, sweat, tears, etc;
b saliva.
9 any liquid that resembles or contains water, eg rain.
10 a dose of water given to a plant or animal.
11 (waters) the amniotic fluid that surrounds the fetus in the womb.
12 a wavy sheen effect on fabric, especially silk or satin.
13 the degree of brilliance and transparency of a diamond.
14 quality or class; excellence. See of the first or finest water below.
15 finance an increase in a company's stock issue without an increase in assets to back it up.
verb (watered , watering )
1 to wet, soak or sprinkle something with water.
2 to irrigate (land).
3 (also water something down) to dilute (wine, etc).
4 intr said of the mouth: to produce saliva in response to a stimulus activated by the expectation of food.
5 intr said of the eyes: to fill with tears in response to irritation.
6 tr & intr to let (animals) drink; said of animals: to drink fed and watered .
7 to wet (plants) with water.
8 to give a wavy appearance to the surface of (fabric), by wetting and pressing watered silk .
9 finance to increase (the debt of a company) by issuing new stock without a corresponding increase in assets.
[Anglo-Saxon wæter ]
waterer noun .
waterless adjective .
watery see separate entry.
by water by water transport, eg ship.
hold water said of an explanation, etc: to prove sound; to be valid.
in deep water in trouble, danger or difficulty.
keep one's head above water to remain out of difficulty or trouble.
like a fish out of water ill at ease; uncomfortable in a particular environment.
like water colloq in large quantities; freely or lavishly.
like water off a duck's back said of a rebuke or scolding, etc: having no effect at all; making no impression.
make someone's mouth water to make their saliva flow; to stimulate their appetite for something.
of the first or finest water being of the highest class; first-class or prize.
pass water to urinate.
pour oil on troubled waters to take measures to calm a turbulent situation.
still waters run deep a calm and quiet exterior often conceals strong emotions, obstinacy or cunning, etc.
test the water or waters to test for a response to an intended course of action.
throw cold water on or over something colloq to be discouraging or unenthusiastic about (an idea, etc).
tread water see under tread.
under water beneath the surface of the water.
water under the bridge experiences that are past and done with.
water something down to reduce the impact of it; to make it less controversial or offensive. See also watered-down.

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