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adjective relating to the planet Uranus, the seventh planet from the Sun, discovered by Herschel in 1781.
noun an imaginary inhabitant of the planet Uranus.
[19c: from Latin Uranus , from Greek Ouranos , literally -the sky-, in mythology, the husband of Gaia (Earth) and father of Kronos (Saturn)]

noun , geol a hard, slightly greasy, black, brown, grey or greenish mineral form of uranium oxide that is often associated with thorium, lead, radium or the rare earth elements. It is the principal ore of uranium and is highly radioactive.

uranium pronunciación
noun , chem (symbol U, atomic number 92) a dense silvery-white radioactive metallic element, originally discovered in pitchblende in 1789, but now mainly obtained from the ore uraninite. It is chiefly used to produce nuclear energy, as a fuel for nuclear reactors and nuclear weapons, by fission of the isotope uranium-235.
[18c: named after the planet Uranus, discovered shortly before the metal; see Uranian]
uranic adjective .

combining form , denoting
1 the sky or the heavens.
2 med the roof of the mouth; the palate.
[From Greek ouranos ; see Uranian]

noun the branch of astronomy that deals with the description and mapping of the stars, constellations, etc.
[17c: from Greek ouranographia ]
uranographer noun .
uranographic or uranographical adjective .

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