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abbreviation Book of the Bible: Timothy.

timbal or tymbal
noun a type of kettledrum.
[17c: from French timbale , from Spanish atabal , from Arabic at-tabl the drum]

1 cookery a dish of meat or fish, etc cooked in a cup-shaped mould or shell.
2 the mould used to make such a dish.
[19c: see timbal]

timber pronunciación
1 wood, especially wood prepared for building or carpentry.
2 trees suitable for this; forest or woodland.
3 a wooden beam in the framework of something, especially a ship or house.
interjection a warning cry that a tree has been cut and is about to fall.
verb (timbered , timbering )
1 to provide with timber or beams.
2 to cover something in timber.
timbering noun .
shiver my timbers see under shiver2.

timber line or tree line
noun the line or level of high ground above which trees do not grow.

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