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tease pronunciación
verb (teased , teasing )
1 to annoy or irritate someone deliberately or unkindly.
2 to laugh at or make fun of someone playfully or annoyingly.
3 (usu tease someone into something) to persuade them to agree to it, especially by continual coaxing.
4 to arouse someone sexually without satisfying that desire.
5 to comb (wool, flax or hair, etc) to remove tangles and open out the fibres.
6 to raise a nap on (cloth) by scratching or brushing, especially with teasels.
7 to backcomb (hair).
1 someone or something that teases.
2 an act of teasing.
[Anglo-Saxon tæsan to card]
teasing noun , adjective .
teasingly adverb .
tease something out to clarify (an obscure point) by discussion, etc.

teasel, teazel or teazle
1 any of various biennial plants with white or mauve flower heads surrounded by curved prickly bracts.
2 the dried flower head of the teasel, used to raise the nap on cloth.
3 an artificial substitute for the teasel.
[Anglo-Saxon tæsel ]

1 a puzzle or tricky problem.
2 a person who enjoys teasing others.
3 an introductory advertisement intended to arouse people's curiosity as to the product being advertised.

1 a restaurant (usually a small one) where tea and light refreshments are served.
2 a shop where tea is sold.

noun , trademark a small machine with an alarm clock or timer which automatically makes tea at a preset time.

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