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season pronunciación
1 any of the four major periods ( spring, summer1, autumn and winter) into which the year is divided according to changes in weather patterns and other natural phenomena.
2 any period having particular characteristics rainy season our busy season .
3 a period of the year during which a particular sport, activity, etc is played or carried out fishing season holiday season .
4 a period during which a particular fruit or vegetable is in plentiful supply.
5 any particular period of time.
verb (seasoned , seasoning )
1 to flavour (food) by adding salt, pepper and/or other herbs and spices.
2 to prepare something, especially timber, for use by drying it out.
3 to tone down or temper.
4 to add interest or liveliness to something.
[14c: from French seson , from Latin satio a sowing]
seasoner noun .
in season
1 said of food, especially fruit and vegetables: readily available, as determined by its growing season.
2 said of game animals: legally allowed to be hunted and killed, according to the time of year.
3 said of a female animal: ready to mate; on heat.
out of season
1 said of food, especially fruit and vegetables: not yet available.
2 said of game animals: legally not yet to be hunted.

season ticket
noun a ticket, usually bought at a reduced price, allowing a specified or unlimited number of visits or journeys during a fixed period.

1 said of weather: appropriate to the particular season.
2 coming or occurring at the right time; opportune.
seasonableness noun .
seasonably adverb .

seasonable, seasonal Seasonable means appropriate to the season, ie opportune; seasonal is a more neutral word relating to the seasons of the year.

seasonal pronunciación
adjective available, taking place or occurring only at certain times of the year.
seasonality noun .
seasonally adverb .

seasonal affective disorder
noun , psychol (abbreviation SAD) a pattern of repeated depression during the winter months, thought to be caused by reduction in the hours of daylight.

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