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verb (scrubbed , scrubbing )
1 tr & intr to rub hard, especially with a stiff brush, in order to remove dirt.
2 to wash or clean by hard rubbing.
3 colloq to cancel or abandon (plans, etc) Scrub your plans for a day out, you're needed here .
4 to purify (a gas).
5 intr to use a scrubbing brush.
6 intr to make a rapid to-and-fro movement as if scrubbing.
1 an act of scrubbing.
2 (scrubs) clothes worn by a surgeon, etc while performing or assisting at an operation.
[14c: from German schrubben ]
scrub up said of a surgeon, etc: to wash the hands and arms thoroughly before performing, or assisting at, an operation.

1 vegetation consisting of stunted trees and evergreen shrubs collectively.
2 (also scrubland) an area, usually with poor soil or low rainfall, containing such vegetation.
3 an inferior domestic animal of mixed or unknown parentage.
4 N Am a player in a second or inferior team.
5 a small or insignificant person.
6 anything small or insignificant.
1 small or insignificant.
2 N Am said of a player: in a second or inferior team.
[14c: a variant of shrub1]

1 someone who scrubs.
2 apparatus used for filtering out impurities from gas.
3 offens slang an unattractive woman.
4 offens slang a woman who regularly indulges in casual sex.

adjective (scrubbier , scrubbiest )
1 covered with scrub.
2 said of trees, shrubs, etc: stunted.
3 small or insignificant.
[16c: from scrub2]

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