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school pronunciación 1
1 a place or institution where education is received, especially primary or secondary education.
2 in compounds a place or institution offering instruction in a particular field or subject, often part of a university music school art school .
3 the building or room used for this purpose.
4 the work of such an institution.
5 the body of students and teachers that occupy such a place.
6 the period of the day or year during which such a place is open to students Stay behind after school .
7 N Am a university or college.
8 the disciples or adherents of a particular teacher.
9 a group of painters, writers or other artists sharing the same style, often as a result of having received instruction in the same place or from the same master.
10 any activity or set of surroundings as a provider of experience Factories are the schools of life .
11 colloq a group of people meeting regularly for some purpose, especially gambling a card school .
12 a method of instruction or tuition.
13 (schools) at Oxford University: the BA examinations.
verb (schooled , schooling )
1 to educate in a school.
2 to give training or instruction of a particular kind to.
3 to discipline.
[Anglo-Saxon scol , from Latin schola , from Greek schole leisure or lecture-place]

school pronunciación 2
noun a group of fish, whales or other marine animals swimming together.
verb (schooled , schooling ) intr to gather into or move about in a school.
[15c: Dutch]

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