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red pronunciación
adjective (redder , reddest )
1 referring to the colour of blood, or a colour similar to it.
2 said of hair, fur, etc: of a colour which varies between a golden brown and a deep reddish-brown.
3 said of the eyes: bloodshot or with red rims.
4 having a red or flushed face, especially from shame or anger, or from physical exertion.
5 said of wine: made with black grapes whose skins colour the wine a deep red.
6 derog colloq communist.
7 chiefly colloq (Red) relating to the former USSR; Soviet the Red Army .
8 indicating the most extreme urgency. See red alert.
1 the colour of blood, or a similar shade.
2 red dye or paint.
3 red material or clothes.
4 the red traffic light, a sign that cars should stop.
5 anything red.
6 (usu be in the red) the debit side of an account; the state of being in debt, eg to a bank. Compare black ( noun 6).
7 derog colloq (often Red) a communist or socialist. See also redden.
[Anglo-Saxon read ; the connection with communism comes originally from the colour of a Communist Party badge, which used red to symbolize the blood and fire of revolution]
reddish and (colloq) reddy adjective somewhat red.
redly adverb .
redness noun .
paint the town red colloq see under paint.
see red colloq to become angry.

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