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protest pronunciación
verb (protested , protesting )
1 intr to express an objection, disapproval, opposition or disagreement.
2 N Am, esp US to challenge or object to (eg a decision or measure).
3 to declare something solemnly, eg in response to an accusation protest one's innocence .
4 law to obtain or write a protest with reference to (a bill).
1 a declaration of disapproval or dissent; an objection.
2 an organized public demonstration of disapproval.
3 law a written statement that a bill has been presented and payment refused.
4 the act of protesting.
as adjective protest vote a protest march .
[14c: from French protester , from Latin protestari , protestatus to declare formally]
protester or protestor noun .
protestingly adverb .
under protest reluctantly; unwillingly.

Protestant or protestant
1 a member of any of the Christian Churches which embraced the principles of the Reformation and, rejecting the authority of the Pope, separated from the Roman Catholic Church.
2 a member of any body descended from these.
adjective relating or belonging to Protestants.
[16c: originally applied to those princes and others who in 1529 protested against an edict denouncing the Reformation]
Protestantism noun .

Protestant work ethic see under work ethic

protestation pronunciación
1 a protest or objection.
2 a solemn declaration or avowal.

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