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post pronunciación 1
1 a shaft or rod fixed upright in the ground, as a support or marker, etc.
2 (often in compounds ) a vertical timber supporting a horizontal one a doorpost .
3 an upright pole marking the beginning or end of a race track.
4 a goalpost.
verb (posted , posting )
1 (sometimes post something up) to put up (a notice, etc) on a post or board, etc for public viewing.
2 to announce the name of someone among others in a published list He was posted missing .
3 to make available online or at an Internet site.
[Anglo-Saxon: from Latin postis a doorpost]

post pronunciación 2
1 a job a teaching post .
2 a position to which one is assigned for military duty never left his post .
3 (often in compounds ) a settlement or establishment, especially one in a remote area trading post military post .
4 mil a bugle call summoning soldiers to their quarters at night. See also the first post, the last post.
verb (posted , posting ) (usu post someone to, at or in somewhere) to station them there on duty; to transfer (personnel) to a new location I was posted abroad .
[16c: from Italian posto , from Latin postum , from ponere , positum to place]

post pronunciación 3
noun (esp the post)
1 the official system for the delivery of mail.
2 letters and parcels delivered by this system; mail.
3 a collection of mail, eg from a postbox catch the next post .
4 a delivery of mail came by the second post .
5 a place for mail collection; a postbox or post office took it to the post .
6 hist any of a series of riders stationed at various intervals along a route, who carried mail from one stage to another.
7 hist a stage or station on such a route.
8 used as a newspaper title the Washington Post .
verb (posted , posting )
1 to put (mail) into a postbox; to send something by post.
2 bookkeeping
a to enter (an item) in a ledger;
b (now usu post up something) to update (a ledger).
3 to supply someone with the latest news keep us posted . See also post1 (verb ).
[16c: from French poste , from Italian posta , from Latin ponere , positum to place]

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