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order pronunciación
1 a state in which everything is in its proper place; tidiness.
2 an arrangement of objects according to importance, value or position, etc.
3 a command, instruction or direction.
4 a state of peace and harmony in society, characterized by the absence of crime and the general obeying of laws.
5 the condition of being able to function properly in working order .
6 a social class or rank making up a distinct social group the lower orders .
7 a kind or sort of the highest order .
8 an instruction to a manufacturer, supplier or waiter, etc to provide something.
9 the goods or food, etc supplied.
10 an established system of society a new world order .
11 biol in taxonomy: any of the groups, eg Carnivora (the carnivores), into which a class (sense 9) is divided and which is in turn subdivided into one or more families (see family sense 7).
12 commerce a written instruction to pay money.
13 the usual procedure followed at especially official meetings and during debates a point of order .
14 (Order) a religious community living according to a particular rule and bound by vows. Also called religious order.
15 any of the different grades of the Christian ministry.
16 (orders) holy orders.
17 the specified form of a religious service order of marriage .
18 (Order) a group of people to which new members are admitted as a mark of honour or reward for services to the sovereign or country Order of the British Empire .
19 any of the five classical styles of architecture (Doric, Ionic, Corinthian, Tuscan and Composite) characterized by the way a column and entablature are moulded and decorated.
verb (ordered , ordering )
1 to give a command to someone.
2 to command someone to go to a specified place order the regiment to Germany .
3 to instruct a manufacturer, supplier or waiter, etc to supply or provide something ordered the fish .
4 to arrange or regulate order one's affairs .
5 intr to give a command, request or order, especially to a waiter for food ready to order .
interjection (Order! Order!) a call for quiet, calm or proper behaviour to be restored, especially during a debate.
[13c: from French ordre , from Latin ordo ]
a tall order colloq a difficult or demanding task.
call to order
1 to request calm or attention.
2 to declare a formal meeting open.
in order
1 in accordance with the rules; properly arranged.
2 suitable or appropriate I reckon another pint would be in order .
3 in the correct sequence.
in order that so that.
in order to do something so as to be able to do it.
in the order of something approximately (the number specified).
on order said of goods: having been ordered but not yet supplied.
out of order not correct, proper or suitable.
to order according to a customer's particular or personal requirements.
under orders having been commanded or instructed (to do something).
order someone about or around to give them orders continually and officiously.

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