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oesophagus pronunciación or (esp N Am) esophagus
noun (oesophagi ) anat the part of the alimentary canal between the pharynx and the stomach, a narrow muscular tube by means of which food passes to the stomach. Also called gullet.
[14c: Latin, from Greek oisophagos ]
oesophageal adjective .

oestradiol or (N Am) estradiol
noun , biochem
1 a female sex hormone produced by the ovary that controls the development of the female secondary sexual characteristics and the functioning of the reproductive organs.
2 a synthesized form of this hormone, used to treat breast cancer and menstrual disorders.

oestrogen pronunciación or (N Am) estrogen
noun , biochem
1 any of a group of female sex hormones which induce oestrus and control the development of the female secondary sexual characteristics.
2 med any such compound produced synthetically.
[1920s: from oestrus]
oestrogenic adjective .

oestrous cycle
noun the series of hormonally controlled physiological changes that occur from the beginning of one period of oestrus to the beginning of the next.

oestrus or (N Am) estrus
noun , zool , physiol a regularly occurring but restricted period of sexual receptivity that occurs in most female mammals apart from humans.
[19c; 17c meaning -a biting insect of the genus Oestrus -: from Greek oistros a gadfly noted for its frenzy]
oestral adjective .
oestrous adjective .

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