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money pronunciación
noun (pl in sense 1b and 4 monies or moneys )
a coins or banknotes used as a means of buying things;
b any currency used as legal tender.
2 wealth in general.
3 colloq a rich person; rich people marry money .
4 commerce , law (always monies or moneys) sums of money.
[13c: from French moneie , from Latin moneta ]
moneyed or monied adjective having much money; wealthy.
be in the money colloq to be wealthy.
for my, our, etc money colloq in my, our, etc opinion.
get one's money's worth to get full value for the money or other resources one has put into something.
have money to burn to have more money than one can reasonably spend.
made of money colloq said of a person: extremely rich.
make money to make a profit or acquire wealth.
money down money paid on the spot for something.
money for old rope colloq money obtained without any effort.
money talks people with money have power and influence over others.
on the money US slang spot-on; exactly right.
put money into something to invest in it.
put money on something colloq to bet on it.
put one's money where one's mouth is to support what one has said by risking or investing money, or giving other material or practical help.

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