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adjective (juster , justest )
1 fair; impartial.
2 reasonable; based on justice.
3 deserved.
[14c: from Latin justus just, upright or equitable]
justly adverb .
justness noun .

1 exactly; precisely.
2 a short time before He had just gone .
3 at this or that very moment was just leaving .
4 and no earlier, more, etc only just enough .
5 barely; narrowly The bullet just missed his ear .
6 only; merely; simply just a brief note .
7 colloq used for emphasis That's just not true .
8 colloq absolutely just marvellous .
[14c: from Latin justus right or proper]
just about almost I'm just about ready .
just about to do something on the point of doing it.
just a minute or second, etc an instruction to wait a short while.
just as well
1 fortunate; lucky It's just as well you came .
2 advisable It would be just as well to wait .
just in case as a precaution.
just like that as easily as that; without appreciable effort, inconvenience, preparation, etc.
just now at this particular moment.
just so
1 an expression of agreement.
2 neat and tidy They like everything just so .
just then
1 at that particular moment.
2 in the next moment.
just the same nevertheless.
not just yet not immediately, but soon.

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