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hit pronunciación
verb (hit , hitting )
1 to strike someone or something.
2 to come into forceful contact with something.
3 to reach a target with a blow, missile, etc.
4 to knock something (eg oneself or part of oneself) against something, especially hard or violently hit one's head on the door .
5 to affect suddenly and severely The sad news hit her hard .
6 intr to strike or direct a blow.
7 colloq to find or attain something, especially an answer, by chance You've hit it!
8 to reach or arrive at something hit an all-time low .
9 sport to drive (the ball) with a stroke of the bat.
10 colloq to reach a place or location We'll hit the city tomorrow .
1 a stroke or blow.
2 sport a successful stroke or shot.
3 colloq something of extreme popularity or success The new cinema is a real hit .
4 an instance of a computer file, especially a website, being contacted.
5 an effective remark, eg a sarcasm or witticism.
6 slang a murder, especially one by organized gangs.
7 drug-taking slang a dose of a hard drug.
[Anglo-Saxon hittan ]
hard hit see under hard.
hit it off with someone to get on well with them.
hit the bottle see under bottle.
hit the ceiling or roof to be extremely angry.
hit the hay or sack slang to go to bed.
hit the nail on the head see under nail.
hit the road to leave or depart.
make or score a hit with someone to be successful or popular with them.
hit back to retaliate.
hit someone or something off to imitate, mimic, or aptly describe them or it.
hit on or upon someone
1 (also hit upon something) to come upon or discover them or it; to single them or it out.
2 to make sexual advances towards them.
hit out at or against someone or something to attack them or it physically or verbally.

También tienes: IT, it
hit list
noun , colloq a list of people, organizations, etc to be killed or eliminated by gangsters or terrorists; a list of targeted victims.

hit man
noun , colloq someone hired to assassinate or attack others.

hit parade
noun , dated
1 a list of the best-selling records.
2 a list of the most popular things of any type.

hit-and-miss or hit-or-miss
adjective , colloq without any order or planning; random.

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