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hell pronunciación
1 the place or state of infinite punishment for the wicked after death.
2 the abode of the dead and evil spirits.
3 any place or state which causes extensive pain, misery and discomfort.
interjection , colloq
1 expressing annoyance or exasperation.
2 (the hell) an expression of strong disagreement or refusal The hell I will!
[Anglo-Saxon hel ]
a hell of a?or one hell of a?or helluva?or hellova?colloq a very great or significant? one hell of a row .
all hell breaks or is let loose there is chaos and uproar.
as hell absolutely; extremely He's as mad as hell .
beat or knock the hell out of someone colloq to beat them severely and violently.
come hell or high water colloq no matter what problems or difficulties may arise.
for the hell of it colloq for the fun or its own sake.
from hell considered to be the most awful ever example of its kind a haircut from hell neighbours from hell .
give someone hell colloq
1 to punish or rebuke them severely.
2 to make things extremely difficult for them.
hell for leather colloq at an extremely fast pace drove hell for leather to the airport .
hell to pay serious trouble or consequences.
like hell
1 very much; very hard or fast ran like hell .
2 not at all Like hell you will!
not have a cat in hell's chance see under cat1.
not have a hope in hell to have absolutely no chance or hope at all.
play hell with see under play.
raise hell see under raise.
to hell with someone or something
1 an expression of angry disagreement with them or it.
2 an expression of intention to ignore or reject them or it.
what the hell
1 what does it matter?; who cares?
2 an expression of surprise and amazement what the hell are you doing?

También tienes: hey
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