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go pronunciación 1
verb (goes , past tense went , past participle gone , present participle going ) usu intr
1 (often go about or by or down, etc ) to walk, move or travel in the direction specified.
2 to lead or extend a path that goes across the field The road goes all the way to the farm .
3 (usu go to somewhere) to visit or attend it, once or regularly go to the cinema go to school .
4 a to leave or move away;
b (only as interjection ) said by someone signalling the start of a race: begin the race!
5 to be destroyed or taken away; to disappear The old door had to go The peaceful atmosphere has gone .
6 to proceed or fare The scheme is going well .
7 to be used up All his money went on drink .
8 to be given or sold for a stated amount went for £20 .
9 to leave or set out for a stated purpose go for a ride go on holiday gone fishing .
10 tr & intr to perform (an action) or produce (a sound) go like this go bang .
11 colloq to break, break down, or fail The old TV finally went His eyes have gone .
12 to work or be in working order get it going .
13 to become; to pass into a certain condition go mad .
14 to belong; to be placed correctly Where does this go?
15 to fit, or be contained My foot won't go into the shoe Four into three won't go .
16 to be or continue in a certain state go hungry .
17 said of time: to pass.
18 said of a story or tune: to run How does it go?
19 (often go for someone or something) to apply to them; to be valid or accepted for them The same goes for you In this office, anything goes .
20 colloq to carry authority What she says goes .
21 (often go with something) said of colours, etc: to match or blend.
22 to subject oneself go to much trouble .
23 to adopt a specified system go metric .
24 to bet (a specified amount), especially at cards went five pounds .
25 colloq to be in general, for the purpose of comparison As girls go, she's quite naughty .
26 to exist or be on offer the best offer going at the moment .
27 very colloq to say She goes, -No, you didn't!- and I goes, -Oh, yes I did!- .
noun (pl goes )
1 a turn or spell It's my go .
2 energy; liveliness She lacks go .
3 colloq busy activity It's all go .
4 colloq a success make a go of it .
[Anglo-Saxon gan ]
be going on for something colloq to be approaching (a specified age) She's going on for 60 .
from the word go from the very beginning.
give it a go colloq to make an attempt at something.
go all out for something to make a great effort to obtain or achieve it.
go and?to be so unwise or unfortunate as to? They've gone and got lost .
go great guns see under gun.
go it alone colloq to manage or try to manage without help, especially when in difficulties.
go native to assimilate oneself to an alien culture or to the way of life of a foreign country.
go slow to work slowly so as to encourage an employer to negotiate or meet a demand. See also go-slow.
have a go colloq to try; to make an attempt.
have a go at someone to attack them verbally.
have something going for one colloq to have it as an attribute or advantage You have a lot going for you .
I could go something very colloq I would like it; I could do with it; I need it I could really go a pint of cold beer .
no go colloq not possible.
on the go colloq busily active.
to be going on with colloq for the moment enough to be going on with .
to go chiefly N Am said of food and drink ordered at a restaurant or café: to be consumed off the premises.
go about
1 to circulate a rumour going about .
2 naut to change course.
go about something
1 to busy oneself with it.
2 to attempt or tackle it how to go about doing this .
go against someone to be decided unfavourably for them The court case went against him .
go against something to be contrary to it.
go ahead to proceed.
go along with someone or something to agree with and support them or it.
go back on something to break (an agreement, etc).
go by something to be guided by it or act in accordance with it Don't go by what he says .
go down
1 to decrease.
2 colloq to be accepted or received The joke went down well .
go down on someone taboo slang to perform fellatio or cunnilingus on them.
go down with something to contract an illness.
go for someone or something colloq
1 to attack them.
2 to be attracted by them.
3 to choose them went for the red shoes instead .
4 (usu go for it) colloq to try very hard to achieve something.
go in for something colloq
1 to take up (a profession).
2 to enter (a contest).
3 to be interested or attracted by something, as a rule don't usually go in for films with subtitles .
go into something
1 to take up or join (a profession).
2 to discuss or investigate something cannot go into that now .
go off
1 to explode.
2 colloq said of perishables, eg food: to become rotten.
3 to proceed or pass off The party went off well .
go off someone or something colloq to stop liking them or it.
go on
1 to continue or proceed.
2 colloq to talk too much.
3 (only as exclam ) colloq expressing disbelief.
go on at someone colloq to criticize them or complain to them persistently.
go out
1 said of a fire or light: to become extinguished.
2 to be broadcast.
3 to no longer be fashionable.
go out to someone said of someone's heart: be in sympathy with them My heart goes out to the victim's family .
go out with someone to spend time with someone socially or (especially) romantically.
go over to pass off or be received The play went over well .
go over something
1 to examine it.
2 to revise or rehearse it.
go over to to transfer support or allegiance go over to the enemy .
go round to be enough for all.
go through to be approved.
go through something
1 to use it up.
2 to revise or rehearse it.
3 to examine it.
4 to suffer it went through hell .
5 to search it went through all our bags .
go through with something to carry it out to the end.
go under colloq to fail or be ruined.
go up
1 to increase.
2 said of a building, etc: to be erected.
3 colloq to be destroyed by fire or explosion.
go with someone colloq to have a close romantic friendship with them.
go with something
1 to co-exist with it Goodness doesn't always go with beauty .
2 to agree with or support it.
3 to be a good match with it.
go without something to suffer a lack of it.

go pronunciación 2
noun a game of skill for two players, who take turns to place black or white counters on a board, with the aim of capturing their opponent's counters and gaining control of the board.
[19c: Japanese]

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