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far pronunciación (farther , farthest or further , furthest )
1 at, to or from a great distance.
2 to or by a great extent My guess wasn't far out .
3 at or to a distant time.
1 distant; remote.
2 the more distant of two things.
3 extreme the far Right of the party . See also farther, further.
[Anglo-Saxon feorr ]
farness noun .
a far cry a great difference; a long distance.
as far as up to a certain place or point.
as or so far as to the extent that.
as or so far as I'm, you're, etc concerned in my, your, etc opinion.
as or so far as it goes in its own limited way.
as or so far as that goes or is concerned concerning that, etc in particular.
by far or far and away by a considerable amount; very much .
far and wide extensively; everywhere.
far be it from me I am reluctant; I would not presume.
far from the opposite of; not at all That is far from the truth .
far gone in an advanced state, eg of illness or drunkenness.
go far to achieve great things.
go so far or as far as to do something to be prepared to do it; to go to the extent of doing it.
go too far to behave, speak, etc unreasonably.
in as far as or in so far as to the extent that.

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