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devil pronunciación
1 (the Devil) relig the most powerful evil spirit; Satan.
2 any evil or wicked spirit.
3 colloq a mischievous or bad person.
4 colloq a person of a stated type lucky devil .
5 someone or something difficult to deal with.
6 someone who excels at something.
7 (the devil) used for emphasis in mild oaths and exclamations Where the devil is it?
8 in various occupations and professions: an apprentice or junior employee printer's devil .
9 meteorol a dust storm.
10 any of various machines used especially for tearing.
verb (devilled , devilling ; US deviled , deviling )
1 to prepare or cook (meat, etc) with a spicy seasoning.
2 intr to do very menial work; to act as a drudge to someone.
[16c in this form; Anglo-Saxon deofol , from Greek diabolos slanderer]
be a devil! colloq said to encourage someone to do something they are hesitating to do.
between the devil and the deep blue sea in a situation where the alternatives are equally undesirable.
devil take the hindmost said to encourage one to take care of one's own success, safety, etc with no thought for others.
give the devil his due admit the good points of a person one dislikes.
go to the devil
1 to be ruined.
2 usually said as a command, in anger: go away.
like the devil colloq very hard.
speak or talk of the devil said on the arrival of someone one has just been talking about.
the devil to pay serious trouble as a consequence of an action, etc.

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