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day pronunciación
noun (days )
a the period of 24 hours called the solar day during which the Earth rotates once on its axis with respect to the Sun;
b astron a sidereal day;
c any period of 24 hours, especially from midnight to midnight.
2 the period of time from sunrise to sunset.
3 the period of time in any 24 hours normally spent doing something, especially working. Compare working day.
4 (day or days) a particular period of time, usually in the past one's childhood days It never happened in their day .
5 time of recognition, success, influence, power, etc Their day will come In his day he reigned supreme .
[Anglo-Saxon dæg ]
all in a or the day's work a normal or acceptable part of one's work or routine.
at the end of the day when all is said and done.
call it a day to leave off doing something; to announce a decision to do so.
day about on alternate days.
day by day as each day passes.
day in, day out continuously and tediously without change.
days of yore see yore
from day to day concerned only with the present and not with any long-term plans.
have had one's day to have passed the time of one's greatest success, influence, popularity, etc.
in this day and age nowadays; in modern times.
make someone's day to satisfy or delight them.
one day or one of these days or one of these fine days at some time in the future.
one of those days a day of difficulties or misfortunes.
that will be the day colloq that is unlikely to happen.
those were the days that was a good or happy time.
win or carry the day to win a victory.

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