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a a printed or written statement of the amount of money owed for goods or services received; an invoice;
b such a statement for food and drink received in a restaurant, etc. US equivalent check;
c the amount of money owed.
2 a written plan or draft for a proposed law.
3 N Am, esp US a banknote. Brit equivalent note.
4 an advertising poster.
5 a list of items, events or performers, etc; a programme of entertainment.
verb (billed , billing )
1 to send or give a bill to someone, requesting payment; to charge Did they bill you for the wine?
2 to advertise or announce (a person or event) in a poster, etc was billed as Britain's best new comedy act .
[14c: from Latin bulla a seal or a document bearing a seal]
fit or fill the bill colloq to be suitable, or what is required.

1 the beak of a bird.
2 any structure which resembles this.
3 a long thin piece of land that extends into the sea, eg Portland Bill.
verb (billed , billing ) (esp bill and coo) colloq
1 said of lovers: to kiss and whisper together affectionately.
2 said of birds such as doves: to touch and rub bills together.
[Anglo-Saxon bile ]
billed (usu in compounds ) having a specified kind of bill hard-billed duck-billed .
billing noun .

1 hist a long-handled weapon with a concave or hook-shaped blade, or a hook-like spike.
2 a billhook.
[Anglo-Saxon bil , originally meaning -sword- or -broadsword-]

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