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As pronunciación
symbol , chem arsenic.

También tienes: has
as pronunciación 1
1 when; while; during met him as I was coming out of the shop .
2 because; since didn't go as it was raining .
3 in the manner that fussing as only a mother can .
4 that which; what Do as you're told .
5 to the extent that Try as he might, he still couldn't reach .
6 for instance large books, as this one for example .
7 in the same way that married late in life, as his father had done .
8 used to refer to something previously said, done, etc: like; just like As Frank says, the job won't be easy .
preposition in the role of something speaking as her friend .
adverb equally It was really hot yesterday, but I don't think today is as hot .
[Anglo-Saxon eallswa just as]
as?as? used in similes and for comparison: denoting that the things compared are the same or share the expected quality or characteristic as sly as a fox .
as for or to something or someone with regard to it or them; concerning it or them And as for Harry, he's just mad .
as from or as of starting on or at (a particular time) As from Monday, we'll be open till ten .
as if! colloq short form of as if I would , etc: an exclamation that questions or negates what has just been said.
as if or as though as he, she, etc would if behaved as if nothing had happened .
as it is the way things are at the moment I think you've drunk enough as it is .
as it were in a way; to some extent.
as much the same; what amounts to that I thought as much .
as well also.
as yet until now.
so as to in order to.

También tienes: has
as pronunciación 2
noun (asses ) an ancient Roman copper coin.
[17c: Latin]

También tienes: has
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