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verb (annealed , annealing )
1 engineering to heat (a material such as metal or glass) and then slowly cool it in order to make it softer, less brittle and easier to work.
2 to toughen (the will, the determination, etc).
[Anglo-Saxon onælan to burn]
annealing noun .

annelid pronunciación
noun , zool any member of a phylum of invertebrate animals that characteristically have long soft cylindrical bodies composed of many similar ring-shaped segments, eg the earthworm or the leech.
[19c: from Latin annellus little ring]

verb (annexed , annexing )
1 to take possession of land or territory, especially by conquest or occupation.
2 to add or attach something to something larger.
3 colloq to take without permission.
noun an alternative US spelling of annexe.
[14c: from Latin adnectere , adnexum to tie or bind]

annexation pronunciación
1 annexing.
2 something annexed.
annexational adjective .
annexationism noun .

annexe or (US) annex
1 an additional room, building, area, etc that provides supplementary space.
2 anything that has been added to something else, especially an extra clause, appendix, etc in a document.
[19c in sense 1, which takes its spelling directly from French and which subsequently influenced the spelling of sense 2; 17c in sense 2: French, meaning -something joined-]

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