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angry pronunciación
adjective (angrier , angriest )
1 feeling or showing annoyance, resentment, wrath, disapproval, etc.
2 irritable, cross, ill-tempered, etc an angry expression .
3 said of a wound, rash, etc: red and sore.
4 dark and stormy an angry sky .
[14c: from anger]
angrily adverb .
be angry about something to feel or express annoyance over it.
be angry at something or someone to be irritated by or indignant about it or them.
be angry with someone or something to feel or express displeasure, disappointment, etc towards them or it.

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the Big Apple
noun , US colloq New York City.
[1920s: the term first came into use among US jazz musicians; it may relate to the old jive term apple meaning -the planet- or -universe-, and so -any large place-]

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