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A pronunciación 1 or a
noun (As , A's or a's )
1 the first letter of the English alphabet.
2 (A) music
a the sixth note in the scale of C major;
b the musical key which has this note as its base.
3 (usu A) someone or something of first class, first in a sequence, or belonging to a class arbitrarily designated A.
4 med one of the four blood types in the ABO blood group system.
5 the principal series of paper sizes, ranging from A0 (841×1189mm) to A10 (26×37mm).
from A to B from one place or point to another.
from A to Z from beginning to end.

También tienes: ha
A pronunciación 2
1 absolute (temperature).
2 cards ace.
3 acre or acres.
4 music alto.
5 ammeter.
6 ampere or amperes.
7 angstrom.
8 area.
9 atomic weight.
10 IVR Austria.

También tienes: ha
a pronunciación 1 (used before a consonant or consonant sound, eg a boy , a one ) or for emphasis or (used before a vowel or vowel sound, eg an egg , an hour ) an
indefinite article
1 used chiefly with a singular noun, usually where the thing referred to has not been mentioned before, or where it is not a specific example known to the speaker or listener.
2 used before a word describing quantity a dozen eggs .
a any or every A fire is hot ;
b used after not or never : any at all not a chance .
4 each or every; per once a day .
5 one of a specified type He thinks he's a real Romeo .
[Anglo-Saxon an one]

a Some people use an before words beginning with a weakly sounded h , eg an hotel , an historic occasion . This use of an is no more nor less correct than a; however, it is sometimes regarded as old-fashioned.

También tienes: ha
a pronunciación 2
1 acceleration.
2 acre or acres.
3 adjective.
4 are or ares.
5 area.
6 ante (Latin), before.

También tienes: ha
a pronunciación 3 see A1

También tienes: ha
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