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see pronunciación 1
verb (past tense saw , past participle seen , present participle seeing )
1 to perceive by the sense seated in the eyes.
2 intr to have the power of vision.
3 tr & intr to perceive mentally; to understand or realize Don't you see what she's trying to do?
4 to watch We're going to see a play .
5 to be aware of or know, especially by looking or reading I see from your letter that you're married .
6 tr & intr to find out; to learn We'll have to see what happens .
7 to predict; to expect We could see what was going to happen .
8 to meet up with someone; to spend time with someone I haven't seen her for ages .
9 to spend time with someone regularly, especially romantically He's been seeing her for quite a while now .
10 to speak to someone; to consult He's asking to see the manager .
11 to receive as a visitor or client The doctor will see you now .
12 to make sure of something See that you lock the door .
13 to imagine, and often also to regard as likely I can still see her as a little girl I can't see him agreeing .
14 to consider I see her more as an acquaintance than a friend .
15 to encounter or experience She's seen too much pain in her life .
16 to be witness to something as a sight or event We're now seeing huge increases in unemployment .
17 (see something in someone) to find an attractive feature in them I don't know what he sees in her .
18 to escort I'll see you out .
19 to refer to (the specified page, chapter, etc) for information see page five .
20 intr (see to something) to attend to it; to take care of it Will you see to it?
21 cards to match the bet of someone by staking the same sum I'll see you and raise you five .
[Anglo-Saxon seon ]
see red see under red.
see things to have hallucinations.
see you later colloq an expression of temporary farewell.
see about something to attend to a matter or concern.
see into something to investigate it; to look into it.
see someone off
1 to accompany them to their place of departure saw her off at the airport .
2 colloq to get rid of them by force saw the burglar off saw the cat off .
see someone out to outlive them.
see something out to stay until the end of it.
see over or round something to inspect it; to look over it.
see through something
1 to discern what is implied by an idea or scheme, etc.
2 to detect or determine the truth underlying a lie I saw through your plan straight away .
see something through to participate in it to the end.

see pronunciación 2
1 the office of bishop of a particular diocese.
2 the area under the religious authority of a bishop or archbishop.
3 the Holy See.
[13c: from French sied , from Latin sedes seat, from sedere to sit]

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(Del lat. terminare , limitar.)
v. tr.  Poner fin o término a una cosa .
   EJEMPLO: siempre termino yo las peleas.
  SINÓNIMO: acabar
Hacer el final de una cosa .
   EJEMPLO: hoy termino la bufanda; con esta pieza termino el puzzle.
  SINÓNIMO: acabar, rematar
  ANTÓNIMO: empezar
v. tr. y prnl.  Consumir o agotar una cosa .
   EJEMPLO: has terminado el champú; se ha terminado el aceite.
  SINÓNIMO: gastar
v. intr. y prnl.  Tener una cosa fin .
   EJEMPLO: la película termina dentro de poco; el día se terminará con lluvia.
  SINÓNIMO: finalizar
v. intr.  Tener una persona o una cosa un final o resultado .
   EJEMPLO: terminará por no salir de casa con tanta delincuencia.
  SINÓNIMO: acabar
v. tr.  Rematar o cuidar los detalles de una cosa .
   EJEMPLO: has terminado muy bien el mueble.
v. intr.  Destruir o anular por completo una cosa .
   EJEMPLO: necesito un producto para terminar con las termitas.
  SINÓNIMO: exterminar
Tener una cosa su extremo de determinada forma .
   EJEMPLO: la espada termina en punta.
  SINÓNIMO: acabar
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