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press pronunciación 1
verb (presses , pressed , pressing )
1 a tr & intr to push steadily, especially with the finger press the bell ;
b (often press against or on or down on something) to push it; to apply pressure to it press down on the accelerator .
2 to hold something firmly against something; to flatten pressed her nose against the glass .
3 to compress or squash.
4 to squeeze (eg someone's hand) affectionately.
5 to preserve (plants) by flattening and drying, eg between the pages of a book.
6 a to squeeze (fruit) to extract juice;
b to extract (juice) from fruit by squeezing.
7 to iron (clothes, etc).
8 to urge or compel someone; to ask them insistently.
9 to insist on something; to urge recognition or discussion of it press your claim press the point .
10 intr (press for something) to demand it press for a payrise .
11 (press something on someone) to insist on giving it to them.
12 intr (usu press on, ahead or forward) to hurry on; to continue, especially in spite of difficulties.
13 law to bring (charges) officially against someone.
14 to produce (eg a record, noun 4) from a mould by a compressing process.
noun (presses )
1 an act of pressing.
2 any apparatus for pressing, flattening, squeezing, etc.
3 a printing press.
4 the process or art of printing.
5 a place where printing is carried out.
6 (the press) newspapers or journalists in general.
7 newspaper publicity or reviews received by a show, book, etc got a poor press .
8 a crowd a press of onlookers .
9 Scot a cupboard.
adjective belonging or relating to the newspaper industry a press photographer .
[13c: from French presser , from Latin premere , pressum to press]
go to press said of a book, etc: to be sent for printing.

the press There is often uncertainty as to whether collective nouns such as press should be followed by a singular or plural verb. Either is correct, depending on whether the group is being thought of as a single unit or as a number of individuals.

press pronunciación 2
verb (presses , pressed , pressing )
1 to force (men) into the army or navy.
2 (esp press something or someone into service) to put it or them to use in a way that was not originally intended.
[16c: from older prest to recruit into military service, originally -enlistment money-]

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(Del lat. terminare , limitar.)
v. tr.  Poner fin o término a una cosa .
   EJEMPLO: siempre termino yo las peleas.
  SINÓNIMO: acabar
Hacer el final de una cosa .
   EJEMPLO: hoy termino la bufanda; con esta pieza termino el puzzle.
  SINÓNIMO: acabar, rematar
  ANTÓNIMO: empezar
v. tr. y prnl.  Consumir o agotar una cosa .
   EJEMPLO: has terminado el champú; se ha terminado el aceite.
  SINÓNIMO: gastar
v. intr. y prnl.  Tener una cosa fin .
   EJEMPLO: la película termina dentro de poco; el día se terminará con lluvia.
  SINÓNIMO: finalizar
v. intr.  Tener una persona o una cosa un final o resultado .
   EJEMPLO: terminará por no salir de casa con tanta delincuencia.
  SINÓNIMO: acabar
v. tr.  Rematar o cuidar los detalles de una cosa .
   EJEMPLO: has terminado muy bien el mueble.
v. intr.  Destruir o anular por completo una cosa .
   EJEMPLO: necesito un producto para terminar con las termitas.
  SINÓNIMO: exterminar
Tener una cosa su extremo de determinada forma .
   EJEMPLO: la espada termina en punta.
  SINÓNIMO: acabar
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