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1 (often the Equator) geog the imaginary great circle that passes around the Earth at latitude° at an equal distance from the North and South Poles, and divides the Earth's surface into the northern and southern hemispheres.
2 astron the celestial equator.
3 a circle dividing a spherical body into two equal parts.
[14c: from Latin aequator equalizer (of day and night)]

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1 a small Asian tree of the rose family.
2 the acidic hard yellow fruit of this tree which is used in making jams and jellies, etc.
3 the fruit of certain other plants, eg the fruit of the japonica.
[14c: from the plural of English quyne quince, ultimately from Greek melon Kydonion apple of Cydonia, a town in Crete, now called Canea ]

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